A recent picture of Elektro at his new home in Mansfield, Ohio.


Elektro the Moto-Man is a walking, talking robot who cracks jokes and smokes cigarettes. Built by Westinghouse in 1937, Elektro was an electro-mechanical machine, dependent upon gears, relays and photo-electric cells. After the Fair, Elektro appeared across the country to promote Westinghouse products and was later on display at the Pacific Ocean Park in Venice, California for several years. Playing the part of "Thinko", the robot appears in the utterly forgettable 1960s film, Sex Kittens Go To College. Shortly thereafter, Elektro was separated from his head, which was given to Harold Gorsuch, an engineer upon his retirement from Westinghouse.

During the 1940s, Elektro was stored in the basement of the family home of Jack Weeks, who often played with the robot in his childhood. A few years ago, Weeks was able to locate and acquired Elektro's various components and reassembled the Moto-Man. Today, Elektro resides at the Manfield Memorial Museum in Ohio.


Watch the Elektro demonstration at the Westinghouse building. This clip is also from The Middleton Family at the New York World's Fair.